Inspiration scrapbook/blog of an autistic twenty-something who happily crawled in thorny bushes and got barbed seeds stuck in her stockings, bought into the “not like other girls!” 90’s girl power brand of feminism, then grew up to realize she rather liked pink when it isn’t all there is to pick from.

A long time admirer of Lolita fashion and lifestyle (can’t afford it yet!), clumsily embracing pretty and feminine things! (While keeping some tomboyish interests too, of course! …….. I still don’t like cooking much.)

Favourite things include pastel colours, Sanrio, nature (birds, animals, flowers!), books, and old anime/manga.

Loved reading the Princess Portal and The Lost Princess as a child, firm believer in romanticizing the little things about life!

Kind of a scatterbrain, but the nice thing about being forgetful is the world always looks fresh and brand new every day.

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How to run shimeji!

So, if you’ve been getting that dreaded Java 6 error, here’s how to get past it! You’ll need to download shimejiee–it’s shimeji, but updated a little and in English!


For my example, I’m going to be using Snivy-Tsutarja by Reshidove on deviantArt.

Once you download that and downloaded your sadly non-functional shimeji, here’s how to get your little desktop cutie back up and running!

You extract shimeji-ee, find the img folder, and open that…

Make a new folder inside it, you’ll find folders like [shimeji] with the default white blobby shimeji, make your own for your character, Tsutarja in this case!

What you’re going to do is basically move the contents (only the actual images, not the folder!) from the img folder of your sad Shimeji, and drop them into your new folder!

Then, you run shimeji-ee and right-click the icon to see the settings.

Click “Settings”!

Select “Choose Shimeji…”

It’s here!!! Select your image set (named the same name as the file you copied the images to, “Tsutarja” in our example!). Tick the box, then click “Use Selected.” Untick the default shimeji if you don’t want it around… ^^;;

And that’s it! Watch your shimeji, swing them into the air, toss them at the sides of your computer screen to watch them climb, or just let them roam around and do their own thing… or right-click the taskbar icon to control their behaviour more!


Morocco, after ten years

(Photograph of bread, pastries, and cakes in a Moroccan boulangerie, not the one I went to, but similar!)

My aunt’s home in Morocco, open windows where sparrows flew in during the day to hop actoss the kitchen floor, pecking up bread crumbs to fly off with, and a cool breeze blew in during the night.

Down past the stairs with the timed lights that go off if you don’t race to the next switch, the building opens up to a cobblestone street, street vendors (one with a donkey!), a motorcyclist next door who tends to a sleepy, sweet kitten who sleeps under his motorcycle. He sets something out for it every day and strokes it under its tiny chin with a finger.

A short walk in the opposite direction is the bathhouse, we go with buckets filled with the needed amenities (shampoo, brushes, Moroccan soap, rough-textured bath mittens, towels and a change of clothes). On the way to the baths, I comment that the clouds look heavy with rain, my aunt laughs, but we’re rushing back home as it falls gently down afterwards.

(It’s beautiful and soft and comforting after waking up in tears.)

There’s a dentist and a salon, a boulangerie we get fresh bread from every day (the sweet pastries seem to draw in bees), but it’s a very long walk to the supermarket!

On the way, there are brightly coloured plastic chairs and other simple wares being sold along the road. Coin-operated kiddy rides, sun-bleached and aged, but functioning (at least some of them!).

Tamaris! The sea is a deep blue expanse that mirrors the sky, the line of the horizon is softened, nearly erased, but marked by a few jutting, grey rocks in the distance. A single gull lands in the center and seems to join the sea and sky.

Assuming all foreigners speak French, a man calls out to me, saying something about the sea, “La mer, la mer!”

A street vendor sold toys; a apinning, light-up toy that whirled into the night sky and softly returned, was lovely to watch, but what we bought were two little battery-powered, plastic lamps, because it’s more convenient, when you have to share sleeping space with several of your aunts and little cousins.

But beaches are cold and windy, so my brother wrapped up in my pink scarf on the way back, while I kept the pink wrap I used as an underscarf and a hoodie to cover my hair.

Inside a beach-side cafe, we drank fruit juice to the distant sound of a sports match on TV, I forget what we ate, but we warmed up enough that the freezer full of ice cream (advertised with faded, old posters) now looked appealing.



Things that made Iris and Dent entertaining

Iris being entertaining came from her dancing around the unexpected.

– You don’t expect the ‘wild child’ character to be the one voice of reason 95% of the time. You don’t expect her to receive jokes and send them back in any specific way because she has too many ways of doing it. You don’t expect her to be spiteful when she is and certainly not with that intensity

You can’t predict Iris’ jokes and next moves (and that made her fun)

Dent being entertaining came from him exceeding expectations.

– You expect the well-established quirks, the weird, the crack, the funny and the dramatic voice. He delivers everything that you expect, and then, he exceeds that (and that made him funny)


OUTDOING HIMSELF is exactly the word!!!! you think he can’t be any weirder but there he is, delivering more <333

dent was brilliant at overdoing it from a pov internal to the story, without overdoing it from the pov external to the story ❤

Dare we hope the scrapped movie idea gets used in the TV series some time? Or at least we’ll have more old characters showing up…? (Source of the first is a magazine interview, some time after the first Kanto trio reunion episode, if memory serves, second is a response to a reply to his recent Shootie art).